Problems with Image Sizing

The recommended size for images is 730x400 pixels. 

If you are having problems there are many online sites that can resize your images. Adobe is one of the best and it's free.

Lost My Password

If you are having trouble resetting your password, because of security issues with your browser. Contact with your registered email at and the password you would like, then we'll set it up for you.

Getting Started!

After registration your Dashboard will display. Here you can create auctions, edit and view bids. 

If you get an acceptable bid, make it a Winner and the Bidder will receive a winning email with your contact details and will contact you. No commission taken by and private! The Auctions is then no longer 'live' on the site.

You can upload your own photo/icon too!

Is there a fee to place an auction

At the moment, it's free to setup an auction on

How does 'Featured' work

When you setup an auction there is an option to make it featured. The cost is 5€ payable by credit card or PayPal. Your auction will attract more views in this section as the Latest Section is always updating. At the moment this fee (less CC charges) will be donated to an Animal Charity.

How does Privacy work

Bidders identities are displayed as coded data when a bid is made. You can still see how many bids are placed but the identity of the Auction winner is only revealed to the seller.

Are there commission charges

Not at the moment, this will be reviewed every 3 months and kept to a low amount. 

How long are the auctions

You can choose how long you wish to run your auction up to one month. 

What happens if I win the auction

You will receive a winning confirmation email (always check the spam bin!).

The Email will contain the Sellers contact details so you can complete the sale. You must contact the Seller to arrange payment and collection that suits you and the Seller. has no involvement with the transaction.